5 Benefits of European Basketball Tours

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Touring the basketball world has a significant number of benefits for all members of the visiting group, from the players, to coaching staff and parents. We have narrowed down the list of benefits to 5 key reasons why your team should visit one of our European destinations!

Development of Innovative Basketball Skills

innovative-skillsWhile Kobe Bryant attended high school in the USA, he credits his incredible grasp of the fundamentals to his European upbringing in Rieti, Italy. The combination of his flawless fundamentals and American flash and athleticism led him to become one of the greatest to ever play the game. The European game is predicated on remarkable fundamental skills and ball movement, and we offer as much instruction on these as possible during our tours. On European players, Kobe said, “They are just taught the game the right way at an early age. … They’re more skilful.”

At BTM we work with the most elite coaches available at each respective destination, ensuring that visiting players are receiving the highest level of instruction available. There are many coaching styles across the world, and having an opportunity to develop a skill set through foreign methods gives players an extra asset to their game over their domestic competition.

Competition Versus Foreign Playing Styles

While the USA is deservedly considered the strongest basketball nation, the style of play in European countries such as Spain, Serbia, Greece and Israel is considered to be the most fundamentally pure basketball in the world. This is highlighted by the Oklahoma City Thunder’s recent loss to foreign-playing-stylesReal Madrid in the Spanish capital where it was proven that top European teams can compete with and beat the NBA’s finest. Russell Westbrook of the Thunder said, “Their (European) offenses are 10 times better than NBA offense just because they move around a lot. A lot of movement and not as much talent so they have to do different things to be able to score the basketball.”

At BTM Basketball we match visiting teams with local competition to ensure high-level, intense and exciting games. For our visitors it offers a chance to play against teams who are incredibly well-drilled, impeccable communicators and hard-nosed defenders, in which adaptability is an essential component of success.

Go Offline and Develop Camaraderie

Many teams take a trip to Europe to provide an opportunity for their team to grow and develop without the frequent daily distractions. In an era of Facebook frenzy, Twitter feeds, intense Instagram-ing and on the go Snapchat, a visit to Spain, Israel or one of our other destinations offers a chance to switch off the online devices and focus on what really matters.

offlineSharing valuable moments with teammates and coaches during on-court action, leisure time by the pool, cultural trips and in cafes and restaurants without online distractions is incredibly valuable to the well-being of the individual and the team. Players and coaches alike will have a chance to focus on their relationships with one another, offering chances to become a stronger unit through face to face communication. This is a game-changer not only on the court but in the sport of life.

Facing Diverse Challenges in Different Cultures

From being immersed in foreign culture to adapting to new styles of play on the court, our European tours throw many challenges in the direction of visiting teams, offering a chance to learn how to acclimatize both on a personal and team level. Teams will be exposed to new languages, cultures, styles of play, foods, mannerisms and social etiquettes that will offer fun and exciting tests for each player.

Many professional players who play in European leagues credit their experiences on the continent in shaping their character and worldview. Visiting players’ taster for this lifestyle will help to develop their character across all levels and give them an understanding of how people across the world live.

different-culturesChris Copeland, who played in the NBA for the New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers and Milwaukee Bucks, credits his work ethic and determination to his years spent playing professionally in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. His journey is an incredible story and an inspiring look at how powerful and life-changing a European basketball experience can be.

Develop All-Important Life Skills

Ultimately we want to see visiting players learn more than basketball skills, and where better to learn essential life skills such as personal responsibility, discipline and time management than during a tour to Europe?!

While our BTM representative is there to support the visiting team in having the most enjoyable experience possible, we also strongly advise that each coach gives their players roles and tasks to accomplish during the trip that assist in their players’ personal development. This can range from taking care of their own laundry to giving captains the responsibility of ensuring their teammates are on time for team meals and practices.

A whole group together for an entire week relying not on their parents or carers, but themselves and their teammates, can work wonders for each individual’s self-confidence and personal development as they learn to manage on their own. Taking on a challenge, whether successful in accomplishing the task or not, has a considerably more positive effect on an individual’s self-esteem than avoiding the task entirely.

So the challenge has been set! Join BTM Basketball on a life-changing trip to Europe in 2017 and create memories that will last you and your team a lifetime.