Fundraising for your Basketball Tour

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While our BTM Tours are very reasonably priced considering the immense value they offer, we know that sometimes a little extra financial support can help go a long way towards the overall cost of the tour.

Fundraising projects can be very rewarding for a team not only in achieving financial goals, but bringing the group together as one in light of a great cause. Fundraising should be both fun and challenging, and prepared for in the same way that a team would prepare for a championship game, with in-depth thought, planning and execution.

Selling Products

selling-productsThe most basic form of fundraising is by simply selling products, from which a percentage goes towards the team’s financial goals. On a rudimentary level this could be the sale of confectionary and other treats, or gift cards for local shops and restaurants within the community.

However for extra marketing power and brand value a team could have t-shirts and other apparel designed and printed to help promote the club or program. This way the products being sold are promoting the club brand and potentially spreading the objective further and wider.

If the team are visiting one of our Spanish locations why not add a “Spanish twist” to the clothing with a red & yellow color scheme, or a white & blue tone if taking a tour to Israel. Clothing design can be a really fun exercise in which the whole team can contribute and take ownership of.

This traditional method of fundraising is reliable and relatively risk-free bar the initial investment into the product. While it doesn’t necessarily generate the high-end funds as the product itself takes away a percentage, it can be a great exercise in creative promotion of the event if there is ample time to create and execute a strategy.

Event Fundraisers

eventsAn event fundraiser is another traditional method which can be run with very little overhead cost and can generate a significant amount toward the team trip. There are so many basketball-related events that can be run, from a shoot-out to an all-star game, and can incorporate funding through sponsorship, product sales and entry fees.

The key element to consider when running an event of this type is to ensure that there is value behind it from both a participation and spectating level. The event must be entertaining to onlookers, something that has a great atmosphere and that is enjoyable to watch. For those taking part there must be an incentive, whether that is the esteem of playing in the event or a prize for winning, in circumstances of a shoot-out etc. While the cause itself of raising money for the team’s international tour is clear, the event must be remembered for the value and entertainment it offers in order for it to be something attractive for the future.

Performance Fundraisers

A more long-term method that encourages team performance and success is a sponsored performance fundraiser, in which players reach out to local companies within the community to request sponsorship of a certain statistic, number of wins etc. For example, John’s Used Motor Cars may sponsor the Lake Glendale Grizzlies in their game versus Townberley Tigers for every assist that is made, offering a set figure per statistic. Or alternatively donating an amount per win that the team achieves through the season.

cashThis performance related fundraiser offers the team an additional incentive during games if used smartly i.e. emphasis on assists rather than individual scores, and can bring community businesses and organizations together for further sponsorship and mutual opportunities.

Online Fundraising

Finally one of the most popular modern forms of fundraising is online fundraising, where websites such as JustGiving, GoFundMe and Indiegogo offer the user a chance to set up a page where donors can give money directly. The pages can be personalized creatively and shared through social media, making use of today’s most popular communication outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to raise money for the desired cause. While not as personable as the former options, online fundraising fits with the technologically-inspired world that we live in and can be used in conjunction with other forms of fundraising as a donations platform.

If you have any questions or are in need of further fundraising ideas please do reach out to us at BTM Basketball and we will be happy to assist in whatever way we can. Good luck!