European Teams at Battle in the Capital ’18

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We are busy gearing up for our 2nd annual Battle in the Capital Tournament ’18 at the University of East London, where we will be hosting European clubs, as well as some of the UK’s top teams across U14 Boys, U16 Boys and U16 Girls categories. Our current line-up features teams from the Netherlands, Belgium and Scotland, including super-elite Dutch club BC Apollo Amsterdam, the 2017-18 U16 Boys national champions, and the current #1 U16 Girls team in the Netherlands, Flashing Heiloo. Our tournament is one of very few international junior tournaments hosted in the UK, and we hope that it will provide a unique, exciting and rewarding experience for all the players, coaches and supporters involved.

BC Apollo Amsterdam (Netherlands): Boys U14 and Boys U16

Apollo Amsterdam is the POWERHOUSE of Dutch Basketball and has over 450 members. Every year teams from Apollo are in the final stages of the national championships where they have been very successful in bringing home the silverware to the country’s capital, as well as pushing their U18/19 players on to NCAA D1 scholarships in the USA. The clubs aims are to provide a good education for the youth and perform to win, with the belief in a constantly adapting plan that echoes the modern game without losing sight of the most fundamental aspects of the sport. The high-level coaches at the club are selected based on many factors, including coaching abilities, knowledge of business and operations, openness, fairness, love for the game and enthusiasm in working with young people. At the time of writing, the Boys U14 team were tied for 3rd place in the 15-team Boys U14 national league after 8 games played. The Boys U16 team were in 4th place in the 14-team Boys U16 national league after 7 games played.

Flashing Heiloo (Netherlands): Girls U16

Flashing Heiloo are one of the PREMIER women’s basketball programs in the Netherlands and will offer incredibly strong competition for the UK Girls teams taking part in Battle in the Capital. Located in the province of North Holland, the club was established in 1976 and has over 200 players from aged 6 and up. The teams routinely travel to international tournaments where they perform very well against foreign competition. At the time of writing, the Girls U16 team were placed 1st in the 12-team Women’s U16 national league after 6 games played.

Sony Centre Falkirk Fury (Scotland): Boys U14 and Girls U16

Falkirk Fury is one of the biggest and most successful basketball clubs in Scotland, with 6 Scottish National Championship teams playing in Division 1 at U16, U18 and Senior, both male and female. The club also has an extensive Development Program with teams from U10 years to U14 years for both boys and girls. Fury have currently over 200 players and since formed in 1992 have produced over 70 Scotland International players, 6 Great Britain players and 8 players that have received scholarships in USA. 9 players have also played pro in Europe and USA, 4 players and 1 coach selected for the Commonwealth games in Australia 2006, 2 players have played in Eurobasket and one played in the 2012 Olympics! At the time of writing, the Boys U14 team were placed 1st in the RDL U14 Boy’s League after 6 games played. The Girls U16 team were placed 2nd in the SBC U16 Women’s League after 5 games played.

BBC Jeugd Gentson (Belgium): Boys U14 and Boys U16

The BBC Jeugd Gentson club is based in Ghent, Northwest Belgium, and features 26 teams in total and over 280 players making it the biggest basketball club in East Flanders. The club invests in high-level basketball training, and aims to give every young person the chance to practice the sport at their level. The club’s mission is to be an extension of family and school in its capacity to teach life skills and values, in order to develop young people that are healthy, sociable and open-minded. At the time of writing, the Boys U14 team were placed 5th in the U14 Gemengd Landelijk league after 9 games played. The Boys U16 team were placed 5th in the U16 Jongens Landelijk league after 9 games played.

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